Works: techniques, materials and ideas


She began assembling the first installations at the end of a long stimulating process derived from the accumulation of various (recycled) objects and materials: what could be cumbersome at home and in life, turned into an opportunity to unleash heir creativity and manual dexterity.

From materials supposed to end in a landfill,- such as hangers, breeching straps, umbrellas, lamps, irons-, she designed objects with figurative meaning: the intent is combine the use of assembly with the Tiffany technique.

Particolare: un vetro Particolare: resistenze assemblate Particolare: meduse di vetro Particolare scultura farfalla

Glass: Jewelry and Movements

The realization of jewelry made of glass and the movements, that are cups and plates, is based on Tiffany technique, so named for its inventor, Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Ciondolo turchese collezione Gaud´┐Ż

Recycling glasses, murrine, stones brought from the sea, swarovski old broken earrings, are first covered with copper tape on the edges and then welded with tin.

Vaso vetro nero e trasparente


Recently, the search for the re-use has led Pierangela to experiment transparency effects: merging and manipulating the plastic bottles (PET), she has created necklaces, rings and earrings, each one unique and colorful, light to carry and of various colors.

PET earrings PET earrings


Her passion for mosaic technique was born looking at Gaudi's works during a short stay in Barcelona and the visit the Tarot Garden, created by the French-American artist Niki de Saint-Phalle near Capalbio. She started creating mosaics using various materials recovery, such as tile, mirrors, glass bottles and porcelain.
With this technique Pierangela created entire wall mosaics (outdoors and indoors) or street furniture and decorative items. Paint of the Mosaico Estate (summer mosaic) Work in progress of the Mosaico Estate (summer mosaic) Mosaico Estate (summer mosaic)

Paintings, watercolors, live drawing

Over the years Pierangela Massolo has performed different types of art-works: false copyrights and faux marble, still life paintings made with watercolors, charcoal or sanguine drawings with live models.

Acquerello con uno straccale Acquerello con una conchiglia

Since the middle age, the the pictorial experiences were created with different techniques: egg tempera and other recipes are taken from Pierangela to make false copyright that are faithful not only in design and size, but also the use of the original painting techniques.

Idillio di Tamara de Lempicka Nudo di donna disegnato a sanguigna La dormiente di Tamara de Lempicka Falso d'autore: particolare